Pack DATAVIDEO HS-2800 Mobile Cast

  • 3x SONY PMW-300
  • 3x Sachtler S18
  • 3x Drum Datavideo CB-31 50m
  • 1x BREXEL BPM 123 Monitor 23’’ 3G

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The Datavideo HS-2800 Hand-Carried HD/SD Mobile Studio is a 12-channel 10-bit 1920 x 1080i broadcast quality mobile switcher. The HS-2800 is suitable for TV and video professionals working on location or in temporary video studios such as theaters, conference centers, and live performance venues. The flexibility of the HS-2800 also makes it a solution for the worship, education, and AV market. The unit comes built into a rugged plastic carry case with a 17.3″ LCD monitor mounted into the lid. The system is completely pre-wired and self-contained. Bring it to the location, open the lid, power up, plug in the inputs/outputs, and you are set to go.

Even though it is small, compact, and easily transportable, the HS-2800 is not short on features you would expect to find in a professional switcher. It is equipped with an eight-way intercom system and is supplied with four intercom units, headsets, and tally lights. The switcher features 12 input channels, and can input HD/SD-SDI and HDMI signals, four balanced analog audio inputs (two stereo channels), and supports embedded audio. The switcher provides two HD-SDI outputs, and an HDMI monitor output, as well as two balanced analog audio outputs. It features adjustable audio delay on each input, so you don’t need additional equipment if you need to delay your audio. Switcher functions include the T-Bar for manual transitions, two downstream keyers, and a choice of cut, mix, and wipe transitions. You can also control the switcher remotely via RS-422 protocols. As the unit powers with 12 VDC using a standard 4-pin XLR, you can power it from an available battery or power supply, making it equally usable in a location or out in the field.

Monitor Function

The built-in monitor features the following functionality:

  • Toggle between preview and program output and HDMI monitor input.
    • Preview allows you to view the inputs from up to twelve sources (with additional input board) on the same screen with tally information as a border on the image
    • Program shows you the finished switched output including graphic overlays
    • HDMI monitor input is a full-screen display from a separate HDMI source and can’t be switched or displayed in the preview
    • HDMI output can be set to either program or preview display and fed to an external HDMI monitor
  • Blue button turns off the red and green components to display only the blue image.
  • Pattern button activates the color bar display.
  • PIP allows you to adjust the position, size, main, and sub source.
  • 4:3 / 16:9 selectable
  • 4:3 mask is available in 16:9 mode
  • Safe Area mask is on/off selectable
  • Volume/Mute controls headphone/speaker volume


The HS-2800 features buttons to select from eight transitions: right to Left / left to right; top to bottom / bottom to up; middle extend L/R / middle extend R/L; middle extend U/D / middle extend D/U; inside out / outside in (round); inside out / outside in (diamond); inside out / outside in (square); upper left to lower right / lower right to upper left. Four additional buttons allow you to modify the transitions: inverse effect, mix, soft, and freeze.


The switcher supports up to eight HD video inputs. These can be eight HD-SDI or six HD-SDI and two HDMI inputs. The switcher also supports standard definition video with eight SD-SDI inputs or six SD-SDI inputs and two SD inputs over HDMI. Four of the switcher’s inputs can also support composite video. While the switcher has a built-in frame synchronizer, it can only handle one flavor of HD at a time. However, the switcher will support HD and SD video at the same time without scaling the SD video to HD.


The switcher is controlled manually, by using the push buttons to select and the T-Bar for manual control over the transitions. You can also control the switcher remotely using RS-422 protocols.


The HS-2800 features two downstream keyers, but does not include a chroma keyer. To use the downstream keyers you need to send an image (graphic/text/video) that has key and fill signal to the switcher; this will take up two of your SDI inputs. This is normally used for keying lower third graphics. The switcher will also store and recall up to seven static logos and one dynamic graphic sequence of up to 75 images. You can overlay up to two logos at the same time. This is in addition to the downstream keyers.


The switcher incorporates four XLR analog audio inputs, for two channels of stereo audio input. Two XLR outputs support one stereo output. It also supports embedded audio SDI output from the four XLR audio inputs.

Audio Delay

Audio delay capability is built into the HS-2800, with firmware version 3.80 and forward bringing adjustable delay to each input. The audio delay is adjustable for up to 16 fields or eight frames in single field settings. This allows you to delay the audio by half a frame to eight frames. Audio delay is selectable in the menu system, and you don’t need to source/purchase additional audio delay boxes.

Keyboard Brightness

The backlight on the switcher’s keyboard keys is adjustable to match the environment.


The system supports sending tally signals to up to 12 camera positions. It includes tally lights for four positions. The tally indicates red for the camera that is on, and amber for the camera that is in preview.


An available input module allows you to add four SDI and one HDMI connector.


You can talk and listen to up to 12 camera positions. Four belt packs are included, and an additional eight can be purchased separately. You can speak with all positions at the same time, or pick one position to talk to at a time.

12 Volt Power

The switcher is powered by DC, so it can be powered either by the available power supply or by 12V battery. This makes it flexible enough to work on location or in a studio.


  • RJ-45 Ethernet port allows you to:
    • Load logos and configure the unit.
    • Upgrade the firmware.
  • USB port provides power for the LED light.
  • 15-pin connector for upgrading the firmware.
  • 9-pin connector for RS-422 control.
  • 25-pin connector for sending and receiving tally signals from up to 12 cameras.
  • GPI can be used for simple external control

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Pack Content

  • 3x SONY PMW-300
  • 3x Sachtler S18
  • 3x Drum Datavideo CB-31 50m
  • 1x BREXEL BPM 123 Monitor 23’’ 3G
  • Mobile Studio (12-Channel)
  • Gooseneck Microphone
  • 4 x Headphones DATAVIDEO – HP-2A
  • 4 x Datavideo ITC-100SL Additional Beltpack for ITC-100 Intercom System
  • Datavideo TD-1 Tally Light Set
  • 4 x Datavideo CB-3 – 65′ (20m) Extension Cable for ITC-100
  • AC Cord
  • Power Supply
  • 4 x Male to Female 3.5mm Mini Tally Light Cables
  • USB Light