DC LINK ULR1 WHDI Set – ULR1 video transmission system with 1200m range

ULR1 | Video radio with SDI and HDMI up to a distance of 1200m based on WHDI technology.

5.990,00 (ex. VAT)

ULR1 | Video radio with SDI and HDMI up to a distance of 1200m based on WHDI technology.

The DwarfConnection DC-LINK-ULR1 is the flagship of the 2nd generation of video radio systems from DwarfConnection. With a range of up to 1200m in direct view, it is one of the most powerful WHDI systems on the market. Like all 2nd generation video radio systems, the ULR1 is downward compatible and can be combined and expanded with the entire DFS-free DC-LINK portfolio.

To find the optimal channel, the ULR1 has a frequency scanner and an antenna function monitor, the so-called DC-SCAN, which can be output via the HDMI port on the receiver. The wireless transmission of video signals and the frequency monitor can only be used alternately.

DC-LINK radio systems achieve their particular stability by deliberately dispensing with a DFS system (Dynamic Frequency Selection), which means that they may only be used on the intended channels indoors.

The fans can be regulated or switched off for both transmitters and receivers. The on-screen display (OSD) can also be switched off especially for use in the live area.

An OLED display on the transmitter and receiver provides information about the selected channel, the temperature and the charge level of the battery. Five large LEDs on the receiver indicate the reception quality even in bright surroundings.

The ULR1 video radio transmits time code as well as start and stop signals. It is also one of those video radio systems that support fast switching between camera image and recording.

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Included items:

  • 2x power supply
  • 1x ULR2 transmitter
  • 1x ULR2 receiver
  • 1x hard case with foam insert
  • 1x DC D-Tap on 4-pin spiral cable
  • 1x Magic Arm with ¼ “threaded bolt
  • 1x hot shoe adapter