At Axis-One, we are not satisfied with delivering and installing your equipment. Our engineers test it prior to delivery. They also perform the necessary adjustments and calibrations, which are then fine-tuned on site, under real conditions of use.

We know how important the reliability of your equipment is for you. This is why we offer tailor-made maintenance contracts that enable you to have your equipment maintained by qualified technicians, at your site or in our workshops. If your equipment is out-of-service for a prolonged time, or to enable you to deal with any service interruption, we provide you with equivalent replacement equipment at suitable prices and with a short turnaround time. We maintain privileged relations with all the brands that we distribute. Thanks to our fleet of rental equipment,  we also have a large stock of spare parts and an in-house technical team (mechanical and electronic shops) that guarantee the availability of perfectly operational equipment under all circumstances.